Lees in het Nederlands
12 02 09

Highest Point Reached in Lavendel, Cuijk.

Cuijk’s newest estate Heeswijkse Kampen is developing extremely well as can be seen on viewing. The development is in a new part of town and many fine houses are being built on numerous sites. The range of dwellings is wide and varied. There are terraced houses ashore and detached villas on one of the beautiful islands. In contrast there are flats overlooking the fascinating local wetlands and semi-detached dwellings in a lush green setting. A block of flats with excellent facilities on the ground floor is at present being constructed by Mooiland Maasland in Lavendel near Wijnruit, and on 12 February its highest point was reached!. The complex in Lavendel in Heeswijkse Kampen provides a beautiful view of the water square. The rental flats are eminently suitable for people in need of care. In fact, 50% of them have been reserved for occupation by tenants whose doctors have referred them. As an additional attraction, there will be major facilities are close by – for example it is planned that 3,250 m2 of the ground floor is to be used for important facilities such as a supermarket and a care centre.


Stedenbouw - Lavendel Cuijk