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08 11 13

Kellebeek College in Roosendaal has reached its highest point on 8th of November

8 November 15.30pm we celebrated that the Kellebeek college in Roosendaal has reached its highest point.

Jeanne Dekkers Architecture has designed a new educational environment in Roosendaal. The Kellebeek College is a school with ROC training for Care and Welfare. Besides teaching facilities, there are a number of external function included in the building like a pharmacy, a nursery and a provision for elderly.

The building is characterized by curved, round walls, the windows in horizontal bands that around the building sway, making the main form strongly accentuated . The result is an articulate, clear sculptural mass. The volume respects the existing representative buildings in its surroundings, as the Paterskerk and Syrup Factory . Thus, the view to the church from the south minimize hampered by the building fully comply with the urban sightlines.

Follow the construction at: www.kellebeek.nl/nieuwbouw

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