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Atolplaza Lelystad

The multifunctional building Atolplaza is part of the revitalization of an eighties neighbourhood in Lelystad. Several facilities that were at first spread around the district, are integrated in one building. The building, abroad” school (incorporating facilities for wider community use) with apartments, serves as a clearly recognizable landmark for the area. Along with the church and the busy Johan Cruijf soccer pitch, Atolplaza is the new heart of the neighbourhood.
The base of the building is two stories high. The three extra floors of apartments are situated at the front of the building and automatically indicate the main entrance. The entrance is further highlighted in the volume by a large canopy. The sports hall at the rear is included as a box in the volume. The facade consists of a mosaic of three brick colours that refer to the gray tones in the area. This pattern connects all the identities and the volumes of the building. Together with the
colour accents of the entrances, it gives the building its own character.
The main entrance leads into the central hall from where all the building’s functions are visible. Apart from this central hall, each school also has its own assembly space and place for celebrations. The photo print of the underwater world on the central amenities block was chosen in consultation with all the users and is an important defining visual element for both schools. Skylights in the common areas give the interior a light and transparent character.


City Council of Lelystad


2 primary schools (public and islamic), community centre, city council information desk, national health service point, youth centre, sports hall, media centre, daycare centre, apartments


Multifunctional, Education


6.800 m² MFA, 2.050 m² housing


January 2011


Adviesburo Tielemans, Eindhoven (construction), Nelissen Ingenieursbureau, Eindhoven (installations)


Plegt Vos Joustra, Lelystad


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