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Fire Station Apeldoorn

A new fire station was added to the existing police station, located on a long, narrow site on Vosselmanstraat in downtown Apeldoorn. The elongated building's head and tail are pronounced. The head is the residential part for fire fighters that are on duty around the clock. The lounge and the canteen are inside the crescent-shaped volume, the bedrooms are in the rectangular section. Together, these make a semi-independent little villa. The turnout lane and the garages are in the body of the building. The narrow plot had no room for turnout lanes square to the street and therefore these were realized at a slant to either side. The slanting construction that resulted from this solution is set off by the undulating roof. The shape, therefore, is directly derived from the construction. Oval skylights undulate with the roof and convey daylight into the garage. The 'dirty' spaces, such as the work shop, the storeroom and the cleanup area, are located in the tail of the building.


City council of Apeldoorn


fire station


Public buildings


2.270 m²


March 1994


ACN constructeurs B.V., Dordrecht (construction), Fuchs consultants B.V., Apeldoorn (installations)