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Police / Fire station Hoek van Holland

Jeanne Dekkers Architecture created the urban design for Hook of Holland, including a design for a combined fire station and police station. Both building sections are autonomous accommodations, whereas public facilities like the cafeteria may be shared. The building marks the end of a main road and creates a landmark on the edge of the existing built-up area. Sensibly, the police station faces the city centre. The fire station faces precisely the other way, with plenty of space to turn out. The façade is built in two fresh colours of brick, blue and white, that are used in the interior as well. The colours engage in a dynamic interplay of lines in which the two walls are alternating ribbons and the outdoor space serves as a kind of wall running sometimes under and sometimes outside the volume. Inside, skylights support the internal organization. The cafeteria is appropriately shaped like an observation post with an open view of the street. The building's fresh colours and clear outlines create a recognizable nook in Hook of Holland!


Police Department Rotterdam Rijnmond, City Fire department Rotterdam


police / fire station


Public buildings


1.100 m²


April 2001


Van de Berg B.V., Rotterdam (construction), De Blaay-Van den Bogaard raadgevende adviseurs B.V., Rotterdam (installations), DGMR raadgevende ingenieurs, Arnhem (building science)


Aannemersbedrijf Gebr. Koudijs, Oud Beijerland


Brandweer - Brandweerkazerne Hoek van Holland

Brand & Brandweer - Brandweerkazerne Hoek van Holland