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Fire Station Zandvoort

The new fire station in Zandvoort is home to both the fire brigade and the Rescue Brigade. All vessels and vehicles of the fire brigade and rescue team will be housed in the station, and in the busy summer period there will also be an ambulance parked in the building.
The station is located in Nieuw Noord on the edge of the cemetery, at the junction of Linnaeusstraat / Kamerlingh Onnestraat, near the train tracks and the bike path. Jeanne Dekkers Architectuur designed a building that is a surprising answer to both the uniqueness of the site and to the different aspirations and expectations. This has resulted in a building with a high degree of originality, quality and natural elegance. The vitality of the various functions is expressed by the protruding head of the building, which houses the clean functions, with the transparent vehicle exit below. All laid in a dune sand-coloured brick in a horizontal alignment.


City counsil of Zandvoort


fire station and accommodation for search and rescue services


Work in progress, Public buildings


2.400 m²


March 2013


VP constructeurs BV, Uitgeest (construction), Nelissen Ingenieursbureau, Eindhoven (installations)