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Fire Station Houten

The fire station is situated on the edge of Houten, in allotments along the De Kruisboog road, an area where the architecture of the allotments served as inspiration for Jeanne Dekkers Architectuur. Wood and transparent materials from the architecture of greenhouses were, with an emphasis on detail, translated into the building in a contemporary manner. The reference to the name Houten (wooden in Dutch) is not entirely coincidental. By using transparent materials, the work of the fire station is made visible. Despite the fragile nature of the cladding material, the building is nevertheless robust, which expresses the ruggedness of the fire brigade.
The station has a simple program that eventually resulted in a clear design fully based on the logistics. The building has a timber supporting structure with double walls of transparent plastic sheets and a black recycled plastic, which, if necessary, makes it easy to rebuild.
The design is of a simple beauty; it not only looks attractive but is also extremely sustainable and durable. The choice for a materialisation in wood and recycled plastic, with sober and clean detailing, resulted in significant savings in material usage and expenses. Because the building is not permanently in use, Jeanne Dekkers Architectuur developed a clever and optimized energy management, specifically designed for this use. Our ambition to make a beacon for the fire brigade of Houten has certainly succeeded.


City Council of Houten


New Fire station


Public buildings


254 m² GFA


February 2010


Goudstikker - De Vries, Capelle a/d IJssel (construction), Viac B.V., Houten (installations), Lichtveld Buis & Partners B.V. (building science)


Van Bekkum, Houten


Het Houtblad - Brandweerpost Houten

Detail in Architectuur - Fire station Houten