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Residences ERL Site Leidschendam

To replace a power company formerly located on this site, Jeanne Dekkers Architecture designed a multi-tenant office building that accommodates the municipal Parks and Public Gardens Department, a housing association, business units and a number of dwellings. Together with a depot with a grass roof the building completes a wedge-shaped area between Nieuwstraat and a residential neighbourhood. The elongated volume ripples along Nieuwstraat. This breaks up the façade visually and reduces the scale of the building to that of the dwellings opposite. The differences between construction and function clearly show in the façade, with business units in the glass covered base and dwellings above. The head and the tail of the building are easy to distinguish, with the rounded head facing the roundabout. This is where the offices and cafeteria of the Parks and Public Gardens Department are located; the housing association is in the tail. A communal entrance on the street side leading to a gallery lends access to the dwellings. On the courtyard, a zone flanked by sheds and covered by balconies creates a pleasant living environment.


Schouten en De Jong Projectontwikkeling, Hopman, BV


multi-tenant office building and housing




6.384 m2


September 2000


Adviesbureau Kaskon B.V., Zoetermeer (construction), Huygen Elwako, Rotterdam (installations)


Schouten en De Jong Projectontwikkeling, Rijswijk