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Exposition Sense & Care

Sense & Care is a research platform as a part of Jeanne Dekkers Architecture. In this platform research is conducted in which the experience of the senses acts as the starting point for the built environment. In literature that discusses experience of the senses, from Juhani Pallasmaa to Peter Zumthor and others, there is a constant reference to atmosphere. The analyses from which good atmosphere is generated is in need of detailed study. There is need for a certain language of design in which designing from the experience of the senses becomes manageable and does not linger in atmospheric impressions. Design tools are developed from the analyses of sensory experience which will be applied in designing.

The ongoing research is being presented in the ABC architectuurcentrum in Haarlem. We are also hosting café sessions called SCAC-events to invite those who are interested in the subject.  This way we can have people from multiple disciplines discuss multiple points of view in order to expand our horizon. 


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Onderzoek: Ontwerpen vanuit de zintuiglijke beleving

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