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Extension of the Limburg Museum Venlo

The Limburg Museum shows the history of Limburg. The entrance and the office area are made of steel and glass, this refers to the modern era. The long brick wall is a reference to the ancient city wall of Venlo which formerly occupied the site.
Behind that wall are the wooden exhibition halls. Visitors can enter these "exhibition cabinets" through a passage of balconies.
The reason for the extension was the desire to increase the sustainability of the building. The extension offers space in the basement offers for new installations for thermal storage. In addition, the new expansion contains six new exhibition halls.  On the ground floor, space has been specially made for the preservation and exhibition of the mikwe. In 2004 this 13th century Jewish bathhouse was found during an archaeological survey along the Maasboulevard and is the oldest Jewish monument in the Netherlands. The extension logically connects to the existing structure of the museum. By doing so we have succeeded in providing the requested additional square metres for the museum within a limited timeframe and the building will be ready for the Floriade in 2012.


Province Limburg, Stichting Limburgs Historisch en Volkskundig Museum


extension of the museum with six new exhibition halls


Work in progress, Public buildings


1.140 GFA


april 2012


Palte, Valkenburg a/d Geul (construction) Volantis, Venlo (installations)


BAM Utiliteitsbouw BV, Eindhoven