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Interior Office Building Utrecht

At work

The office landscape of Cirqada is defined by the "New Work" concept, organization-oriented housing. In the design of Jeanne Dekkers Architectuur, both closed and open work spaces are provided, spread over various floors. The starting point for the design is the highly diverse, urban landscape; diverse in form, colour and scale. The furniture, grey with accents in bright colours, are independent characters in this landscape and highlight the different workstations and seating areas such as a living room, pantry, cloak room, lockers and touch-down spots. Like in a city, there are spaces and places that sometimes narrow and provide security and peace, or in contrast, like with a square, spaces open up so that many activities can take place there. A number of elements repeat throughout the office space and each element has its own function. The spaces between the different elements form quiet sitting areas or workplaces, similar to a living room or a pleasant park. Good sightlines assist in orientation. The varied landscape is light, spacious and offers a pleasant working atmosphere.
Colour accents promote good orientation in the building and each floor has a unique colour composition. The works of Caspar Berger, consisting of bronze, wall mounted fragments of human figures, are in harmony with the colours, shapes and character of this special project.


Dutch government accommodation dept.


Innovative work environment, quiet room, meeting room, restaurant


Interior, Renovation


14.000 m2


March 2010


Valstar Simonis, Apeldoorn (installations), Lichtveld Buis & Partners, Nieuwegein (building science)


BK Bouw, Bussum


Smaak - Interieur kantoorgebouw Utrecht