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SenterNovem is a government agency that promotes sustainable development and innovation. Its offices cover part of the ground floor and the entire second and third floor of an office building in The Hague. The commission was to design a flexible office interior with innovative and dynamic features.The design is based on undulating S-shaped walls that meander between the four existing corner cores on each floor. The walls both separate and connect the workplaces and make room for their various integrated functions. The walls are silver-coloured and hover between the floor and the ceiling. Using fields of colour to mark functions, passages and cut-outs results in clear zoning. Public facilities like pantries, cloakrooms and conference rooms are located at the far ends of the walls. Interior elements such as sofas and closets have been incorporated into the walls. The closed work spaces located along the corridors are made entirely of glass, partly sandblasted to ensure privacy.


SenterNovem, Ministry of Economics


interior design for office


Interior, Renovation

  • Juliana van Stolberglaan, Den Haag

9.000 m²


February 2003


Deerns, Rijswijk (installations)


HBG Utiliteitsbouw B.V., Capelle a/d IJssel


Utrecht Business - SenterNovem Den Haag

Smaak - Interieur Senter Novem

PI - Interior Senter/Novem