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Interior City Hall Beverwijk

Beverwijk's new city hall will be situated on the station square. The commission, a joint venture by the Netherlands Railways and the city of Beverwijk, accommodates the city hall (5,000 m2) and the Environmental Service and organizations such as the Centre for Work and Income (3,000 m2). With its rounded end façade and tower, the building pointedly faces the square. It is an imposing city hall that gives the city a new look. The composition of the façade, with piers in yellow and dark brick, strengthens this impression. The north-western façade of the building borders the bus station, its north-eastern façade faces a pedestrian and cycling zone. This is where the entrance is situated, in the transparent and recognizable transition from the end façade to the side façade. The council chamber balcony creates a canopy over the entrance. The main public spaces are located around the high public hall. Atria connect the hall to the administrative and public spaces on the second and third floors: in this way the building represents administrative transparency. Non-public functions, such as office spaces, are located on the remaining levels.


NS Poort


huisvesting gemeentelijke diensten




4.800 m²


Final design december 2009


Evers Partners, Velzen Noord (construction), De Blaay-Van den Bogaard Raadgevende Ingenieurs B.V., Rotterdam (installations)