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Tiwos Housing Association Tilburg

Tiwos Housing Association in Tilburg decided to reconstruct their entrance hall to express a new and contemporary way of receiving clients. Tiwos operates in a former tax office Jeanne Dekkers Architecture converted earlier. Candour, transparency and customer-orientedness were translated into an open office environment arranged in distinct zones. Partitioning walls were removed, and different spaces were turned into one single large space. The working spaces are arranged along the walls and the informal working spaces, reading tables and meeting cockpits are located centrally. A variety of working environments and atmospheres is created by a lounge-like interior design. The existing colours were continued inside the office. The dark ceiling dominates the space and makes it extra homely, contrasting beautifully with the ring of fluorescent lighting in the meeting cockpits.


Woningbouwvereniging TIWOS, Tiburg


interior design for refurbishment ground floor


Interior, Renovation


420 m²


April 2007


Nelissen Ingenieursburo, Eindhoven (installations)


Supervised by Tiwos