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Interior City Hall Leeuwarden

In 1994 Jeanne Dekkers Architectuur designed the Leeuwarden city hall.
The access runs through the historic Burmaniahuis and then goes through the public atrium to the distinctive Oldhove church tower.
The atrium is in need of refurbishment. Jeanne Dekkers Architectuur has been commissioned to design a new interior that matches the existing design while also enhancing its clarity and security.
The atrium will be renovated and fitted out with new desks and furniture. The scheme has a serene, uniform expression executed in light, modern materials. Due to the application of colour accents in accordance with colours elsewhere in the building some surfaces of the scheme are highlighted.
The shape and colour of the counters have an inviting quality and provide the visitor with a clear overview on entering the building.


City Counsil of Leeuwarden


Renovation of the public areas


Work in progress, Interior


Summer 2012


Van Wijnen, Gorredijk en Cofely, Leeuwarden


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