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Teigetje daycare Nootdorp

The Teigetje Crèche is the first in a row of four block-like units, three of which are occupied by businesses. The building's basic structure had already been established when Jeanne Dekkers Architecture was commissioned to design the interior of the crèche and to adapt its exterior to reflect the nature of a child-orientated enterprise. The austere building has been enlivened with overhangs, cutouts and staggered ribbon fenestration, the latter installed at both child and adult levels. Decking and floors protrude, creating extra floor space and a smoother transition between inside and outside.Teigetje houses ten groups of preschool children and children receiving after-school care. Key features of the interior design, therefore, are safety, protection and a sense of order. The organically shaped hall represents the womb of the building: a central core surrounded by all groups and facilities. Open circulation routes and mezzanines create long sightlines. Vibrant colours mark the routes to the various groups and contribute to the warm, child-friendly atmosphere.


Bouwbedrijf De Koning BV / Dierenbos BV


interior design




1586 m2


April 2005


Buro Broersma, Den Haag (construction)


Bouwbedrijf de Koning B.V., Bemmel