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The OZW health care and well-being training institute is a new landmark for the architectural landscape of the VU University. It embodies an innovative training concept that combines intermediate and higher level vocational training programmes and university programmes. The softly shaped brick walls that bring to mind the Amsterdam School are in keeping with the nature of the training programmes.
The window spacing emphasizes the verticality and main outlines of the exterior and immediately draws attention to the transparency and vitality of the interior: a playful combination of training centres around atria. From the south side, the atria gradually and diagonally lend access to the facilities. Long sightlines reduce the size of the building. From the base, for instance, one can see al the way up to the sixth floor. The utility core is incorporated in the 'back bone'. The private offices are at the far ends of the building. The public base is transparent and the mysterious volume of the lecture hall inside catches the eye. The training institute is a playful landscape to roam in, see people and meet people.


VU University Amsterdam


training centre for health care and welfare services


Education, Care


20.250 m2


January 2006


Royal Haskoning, Nijmegen (construction), Sweegers en de Bruijn B.V., Den Bosch (installations)


J.P van Eesteren, Amsterdam


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