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Retail interior KKeC Rotterdam

For a exclusive gift store in the ‘Beurstraverse’ or ‘koopgoot’ of Rotterdam we were asked to make a design for a retail interior. Next to a new layout and colour palette, special display and wall furniture is designed.

The current situation is highly complex and disordered, which makes it difficult to see that the sold products are chosen for with a lot of care and love. The owner’s passion for the store and its products forms an inspiration for the development of a playful and distinct store concept: formulated as ‘Less is a bore’. In a clear colour palette, furniture is designed with explicit graphical accents on a neutral basis, in a way a modern version of the Memphis style.

In the design products are divided over three clearly recognisable worlds. In order to clarify the themes within the current store, every world gets its own character. Neutral furniture and colours form the basis and an exclusive accent is added to every world. The length of the store is interrupted by these special accents. Moreover, a unique quality of this store is its position alongside the stairs of the ‘Beurstraverse’. We designed several openings alongside these stairs that create specific lines of sight in the store.



  • Rotterdam

180 m2




Elise Zoetmulder, Anton Zoetmulder


advisor: Transformee, photography: Roza Schous


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