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Ronald McDonald House Barendrecht

At work

The Ronald McDonald House is located on Voordijk in Barendrecht. The brief asked for an environment that would offer a sense of security, a place in which families could relax, meet one another and exchange experiences. The roof of the existing farmhouse was extended and folded to create a three-quarter square with an enclosed garden to the south. The stepped roof has a gradual slope and features warm Portuguese slate. Exterior walls surrounding the garden are made of glass and wood and allow a great deal of daylight to enter spaces inside the building, such as the living room and circulation routes. Several French windows connect indoor and outdoor areas. Guest rooms and rooms housing mechanical systems line the main façade. Offices are in the old building. A stairwell at the entrance lends direct access to guest rooms on the first floor. A library and computer room share the upper floor of the old building. Unlike the old farmhouse, with its cowhide foundation, these rooms rest on newly added steel piles.


Ronald McDonald House Foundation


temporary care centre for parents/family of disabled and sick children”


Multifunctional, Care, Renovation


ca. 900 m2


June 2007


Bartels Ingenieursburo, Zwijndrecht (construction), Kropman Installatietechniek, Breda (installations)


IJsselbouw, Capelle a/d IJssel


Architectuur NL - Ronald McDonald Huis

AWM - Ronald McDonald Huis

De Aannemer - Ronald McDonald Huis