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Sectie C 'from walled city to creative citadel' Eindhoven

We have been asked to develop a vision for the entrance area of the creative site Section-C situated Eindhoven.

Sectie-C is a walled city. A city wall fabricated from anonymous hangars and offices hide what is actually inside. This is the strength of Sectie-C, because it has a great surprise effect, like the feeling of finding a hidden gem. And at the same time it is a weakness, because without prior knowledge you may hesitate to go inside. There is no temptation!

The design brief seeks a balance between: barrier and surprise, oyster and pearl, deflecting and inviting.

Our idea is simple and effective: The Ribbon

The Ribbon is a continuous colour strip that begins at the boundary line of the MERO Foundation (where the former fence was). The visitor outside the city gate are pulled in by the Ribbon. This wide ribbon guides the visitor from the street into Sectie-C, past the city gate towards the creative industry holding it. The city gate is clearly a part of The Ribbon by adopting the same colour scheme. Within Sectie-C, The Ribbon constitutes the guidance of the visitor, indicating where to come and where not. Several branches indicate directions to relevant entrances or places.

Along the ribbon unfolds new places that form the base of the creative city of Sectie-C. A tower, a stage, a tomb, a restaurant and a second gate.


Sectie C


Urban planning


Urban design, Public buildings, Renovation

  • Daalakkersweg 2, 5641 JA, Eindhoven

Anton Zoetmulder, Elise Zoetmulder