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Sports Zone Woerden

Sports Zone Woerden is part of the Master Plan for the Snel and Polanen area. Jeanne Dekkers Architecture is responsible for the zone's urban design. The design includes accommodations for the Minkema College with a municipal sports centre, three large sports fields, a grandstand and a climbing wall. The ditch circling the grounds was broadened into a water plaza near the school, with both the school and the bicycle shed facing this plaza. Two bridges connect the Sports Zone with the surrounding area. Closest to the school is the bridge for pedestrians and cyclists that leads directly to the schoolyard and the sports fields. A second bridge a bit further down on the same side is meant for motor traffic and leads to the parking spaces that flank the bridge. A clubhouse with grandstand is located between the first sports field and the remaining two fields, separating school sports on the first field from other sport activities. A public footpath encircles the three sports fields.


City Council of Woerden


masterplan urban space


Urban design


12.150 m²


January 2003


ABT, Velp / Delft (construction), Techniplan Adviseurs BV, Rotterdam (installations), DGMR, Arnhem (building science), MTD Buys & Van der Vlier Landschapsarchitecten, Den Bosch (landscape)