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Urban plan Linea de Llengües Mallorca

Integrate the rich Mallorcan history and culture into a multifunctional, connecting and lively street. How? Just rediscover the traditional ´Ikat´ weaving technique and transform the expressing ‘‘Roba de Llengües’’ patterns into an interactive urban fabric. The LINEA DE LLENGÜES is born! Once swept from the East – along the Silk Route – to the West, the ´Ikat´ footprints are still visible in the sand of Platja de Palma. Throughout many years Mallorcan craftsmen have adapted traditional Ikat into an abstracted flame shaped pattern inspired by its local landscape and Mediterranean colors. By adapting the typical Roba de Llengües patterns into an exceptional three-dimensional pavement, it becomes a signifier of cultural identity, it evokes opportunities and encourages the relationship between local activity and tourism.

The typical flame-shaped tongues are not only beautiful and recognizable, but also versatile in use: they give direction, indicate places and create spaces. By utilizing the pattern as a pavement it emphasizes market areas, creates meeting points and embraces green spots. The ordinary Calle Gran 1 Generall Consell is transformed into a diverse and unique urban fabric that encourages interaction and activities. At the same time the different colors and patterns create a diversifi cation of atmospheres.

The entire LINEA DE LENGÜES is pedestrianized, the existing trees are preserved, valuable buildings are highlighted and the entire street is paved with one of the Ikat patterns (described below). The three-dimensional translation of the patterns create opportunities for diverse uses by local retailers and pedestrians. The street becomes a vibrant productive district with craftsmen, makers and local production from the hinterland. Instigated by the locally inspired urban fabric.

The Ikat weaving technique is translated into multi-colored pavement by using long stones of 100mm x 400mm. Dependent on the budget these can be either natural stones or impregnated concrete bricks. The width of the patterns is derived from the possibilities of functional use.

With this project we were preselected for the Europan 14.


Urban Plan Linea de Llengües


  • Platja de Palma, Mallorca

Anton Zoetmulder, Elise Zoetmulder