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Urban Plan Westerschans Goes

The urban plan along the Westhavendijk gives a new impulse to the Westerschans development in the harbor of Goes. This future multifunctional domain is situated along the water of the Westhavendijk within a stone’s throw of the city centre of Goes.

The gift of the location; it’s situation along the water, is optimally facilitated by placing most of the functions along the Westhavendijk and opening the public space towards the water. The existing road is diverted affording a beautiful placement of the Westerschans project along the water of the Westhavendijk. The development will have a recognizable face towards the beltway and along the water. It contains of 3 blocks. Blok 1A consists of a supermarket, 60 appartments and several canal houses. Blok 1B consists of 36 houses and attractive commercial spaces. Blok 2 consists of an hotel and a restaurant. The separate buildings are diverse in form and detail but are unambiguously connected in materialization with each other and with the public space. Therefore the buildings have an identity for themselves and the area has an identity as a whole. 


ROM Marsaki, Goes


Residential Complex with supermarket


Work in progress, Urban design, Multifunctional, Renovation


3,7 ha + 25.000 m²




Jeanne Dekkers, Anton Zoetmulder, Ieva Mileika