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Valuascollege Venlo

The Valuascollege is a comprehensive school that owes its existence to an old Catholic school. The existing building is incorporated in the new college; its formal façade faces the street. The new building faces the garden and is informal in character. The vertical articulation of the windows is in keeping with that of the old convent complex. Brick piers in five shades add rhythm and, together with the concrete floor edges, expose the construction. A light corridor connects the central auditorium to the old complex. The new entrance is a locker landscape with staircases and atria lending access to three floors of classrooms. Skylights above the atria result in ample light incidence and a transparent structure. The building has two entrances: one to the transparent auditorium for students and one, a more formal entrance, to the old complex. The original façade needed but the slightest adjustment: only the glass risalto hints at the new world behind it.


Onderwijsgemeenschap Venlo & Omstreken


Secondary and vocational education


Education, Renovation


13.425 m²




ABT west, Delft (construction), Technisch adviesburo Becks, Vught (installations)


BAM Utiliteitsbouw B.V., Eindhoven


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