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Carmelcollege Gouda

 We at Jeanne Dekkers Architecture were asked by the Antoniuscollage in Gouda to redesign their interior so it would go well with their new educational vision, the Technasium. So we redesigned their music cluster, entrance area and the room where the new way of teaching will take place.

 The Technasiun needs a complete new learning environment. We worked together with the teachers, trough workshops, to find the best environment for the students to learn in. The new way of teaching requires a new approach to the design of the space. Student are challenged to work on technical assignments in these spaces .

 Inspiration for these designs where the sculptures of Malevich and Rietveld. This creates a dynamic space that will challenge the students but in the meantime also separates the open space into places where they can work in peace. The furniture is made of berkenmultiplex (birch multiplex) with colored planes in HPL, this will make a natural and perdurable environment which will give a new image in the school.


Carmelcollege, Gouda


Vision on the building and outdoor space


Work in progress, Education, Interior

  • John Mottstraat 2-4, Gouda

October 2013