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Care complex Oosterheem Zoetermeer

The Care Cluster is located in the Oosterheem Centre-South area. The cluster combines three primary schools and a sports centre, a handball club, a community centre, a day care centre, a youth club and 35 school dwellings. The entrance to the sports centre is on the raised square. Wooden trusses, with incorporated hall equipment and dividing walls, carry the roof construction of the centre. There is ample space for dressing rooms and other facilities beneath the grandstand. Overlooking the sports centre, the cafeteria faces the square. Two of the three schools are clustered. These are connected by a large auditorium that may be rented separately as well. Classrooms that can be transformed into school dwellings in the future are located on the north side of the complex: their measurements were adapted accordingly. The apartments hover over the public school on the west side. A glass shaft on the square leads to them. To increase the light incidence and privacy, the galleries are separated from the dwellings.


Council of Zoetermeer, Hopman Interheem Groep BV, Gouda


Centre for education, sports and wellness


Urban design, Multifunctional, Education, Housing


14.925 m²


March 2007


Corsmit Raadgevend Ingenieursbureau B.V., Rijswijk (construction), Techniplan B.V., Rotterdam (installations), Ingenieursbureau Stadswerken, Zoetermeer (landscape)


B.V. Aannemingsmaatschappij Boers, Veenendaal


Schooldomein - Welzijnscluster Oosterheem

Welzijnscluster Zoetermeer

Contour - Welzijnscluster Zoetermeer