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Residences Alkmaar

In an existing Alkmaar district, thirty-two houses and an apartment building with apartments were realized. The apartment building has 3 and 4 bedroom apartments and apartments for assisted living. The plan results from a reconstruction of the site, formerly a school, and was emphatically conceived as a whole. The houses are arranged around a courtyard intended as a playground.
By including the adjacent existing homes to form the square and by arranging the square in such a way that different groups can use it, an outdoor space with potential was created. The use of a warm red brick throughout the project ensures a close link between the residences and apartment building.
The apartment building has staggered balconies and windows. This results in a lively, horizontally orientated façade, referring to the dynamic of the passing trains. Continuing this in the end façades also integrates these with the rest of the plan. A high entrance on the corner of the building and a central corridor with voids lend access to the apartments. On the top floors, skylights provide daylight for the corridors.
The row of houses is more vertically articulated. Due to the staggered façades, each house is individually recognizable. At the back, large glass sliding doors lend access to the gardens.


Stichting Woonwaard Noord-Kennemerland i.s.m. Bot Bouw Initiatief BV


apartments, housing and parking




8.785 m2


apartments December 2010, housing April 2011


via contractor


Bot Bouw B.V.